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Digital TENS

Digital TENS with Nylon Case

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Dynatronics Decompression

The new Dynatron T4&trade table represents a quantum leap ahead in features and is one more example of setting a new standard for a product.

Made in America

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Exam Table Paper

Exam Table Paper Rolls, Smooth Texture, White

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Headrest Paper  12 x 12

12 x 12 Sheet paper

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KaWe COMBILIGHT® C10/E10 Basic Kit
<p>KaWe COMBILIGHT® C10/E10 Basic Kit <br /> <br /> Ophthalmoscope head with correction lens wheel of +/- 20 diopters and one large circle diaphragm</p>
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Brings Nano-touch micro-stimulation to epidermis and layers beneathMimics gentle human touch yet provides a more effective holdFeatures a higher grade cotton with more breathabilityFeatures a new protected weave process for improved comfortCore properties remain for all Kinesio Taping® specificationsHypoallergenic and latex-free for all patient populationsExclusively available to Medical Care Professionals only

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