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Rapid Fire Relief Spray

Rapid Fire Relief Spray - 1 oz. Spray

Comes in Wintergreen or Lemongrass. Lemongrass has a milder scent.

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SEIRN Acupuncture Needles J-Type
<p>SEIRN Acupuncture Needles J-Type - Box of 100</p>
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Sidmar Pro S 10 Hydrotherapy Bed

Electrical Requirements: 110 volt, 14 Amp

Pump: Jacuzzi® or Aqua-Flo® pump capable of producing up to 17 lbs. of pressure

Massage Pressure: Adjustable from 12lbs. to 17lbs.

Heater: Heating Pad with Electronic Thermostat (Adjustable from 70 to 107 F)

Timer: 30 Minute Twist Timer with Automatic Shut-off

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SmartStep Mat
  • Lightweight, polyurethane construction creates the softest mat available
  • Soft, inner structure allows body weight to shift, thus requiring the body to re-balance itself frequently
  • As a result, muscles contract and relax, and blood flow to the extremities is encouraged
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Stainless Steel Cart

Stainless Steel Three Shelf Cart 21" W x 16" D x 30" H

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<p><strong>Thumper Mini Pro II</strong> Three Settings, Self-Use Size <br /><strong>Thumper Maxi Pro</strong> with Tapotement Stroke</p>
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