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Anatomical Charts & Models

Whiplash Injuries Chart

Defines whiplkash and shows hyperflexion, hyperextension, spinal ligaments, ligament damage, muscle injury and spinal cord injury. Light laminate with grommets. size: 20" x 26"

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Spinal Nerves Poster 20" X 26"

This durablbe plastic poster is convenient for wall hanging., markable(wipe on/off). Illustrates spinal nerves, cranial nerves and diagrams the portion of the thoracic spinal cord with spinal nerves.

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Muscular System Poster

Anatomy Charts These charts are designed to function as reference material to help increase your knowledge about human anatomy, physiological principles and important pathological conditions. They are laminated, easy to read, and give you the necessary information you need.


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 Disorders Of The Spine Poster 20" X 30"

Common Disorders of the Spine Poster

Excellent for patient education

Highly detailed anatomy

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Cause & Effect Poster
<p>This is a great poster to help your patients understand the nervous system. This schematic diagram is a great teaching guide and communication tool for your patients to take their chiropractic care more seriously. The Cause & Effect poster provides an up-to-date way of showing how the nerves in the neck connects to the hands, heart, knees, etc.</p>
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Sclerotome Pain Charts 22 X 36" Set Of 2

Sclerotome Pain Charts Dr. Jeffrey Kintish designed 2 charts describing Sclerotogenous pain patterns for each segment of the spine. These charts are divided, each segment with colors for both superficial and deep pain corresponding to embryological segmental patterns of referral. Each chart shows referral patterns on both ventral and dorsal surfaces charts include close-up of the head and neck, hips and lower extremities. 22" x 36" Set of 2. Laminated.



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