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Leander Lite Series  Manual Flexion Distraction  Fixed & Variable Height

Stationary Adjustment Table
Automatic Position Locking Manual Flexion Assist Handle
Front Lateral Flexion with Variable Lock
Caudal Rotation
Break-Away Abdominal Section
Elevation Headpiece
"One Touch" Ergonomic controls for: Cervical sections, T-Bar, Lateral flexion
Central Caudal Section Mount Controls for Variable Height, Timer, On/Off
22" Table Width
Commercial Grade Naugahyde Upholstery
Full 1 year Non-Prorated Limited Warranty

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The ATT300 Massage Table is specifically designed for pretreatment therapy and massage. Under its thick, padded lounge top, three rotating rollers travel back and forth, kneading the muscles in the neck, shoulders and lower back.

Made in America

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Leander Stat Series  Stationary Adjustment Fixed & Variable Height

Hinged Lateral flexion with Variable Lock
Adjustable Hinged Cervical Section
Break-Away Abdominal Section
Extended Ankle cushion
22" Table Width
Commercial Grade Naugahyde Upholstery
Adjustable Face Cushions
Fixed Height(s)
Heavy Duty Steel construction
One Year Limited Warranty

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DC 2001

Standard Features:
Tilting headpiece
Adjustable ankle slide
Variable height 21" to 29"
Seamless body cushions 24" wide
Hand rest and paper attachments

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Electro-Flex Electric Automatic Flexion Table

Standard Features:
Padded arm rest
Paper attachments
24" wide cushions
Caudal and lateral flexion
Axial rotation
Variable speed electric flexion
8" Flexion
Electric extension
Fixed height — specify 22"- 30"
Tilting head

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Ergostyle Basic

The ErgoBasic product line delivers uncompromising durability, versatile features and affordable prices to any office looking for an entry level solution.

Made in America

29-EB9040 Ergostyle Basic, Soft Foam
29-EB9050 Ergosytle Basic, Firm Foam

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