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Tables : Chiropractic Tables

Galaxy 1989-CF

2" hi-density foam customized paper holders metal paper cutter and arm rest.
*Available in different heights.

















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Galaxy Standard Therapy Table

Galaxy Standard Therapy Table - Model 1993CF


Standard Features


2" high-density foam
Metal paper cutter
Chrome metal legs
8" deep table top
Face slot
Available in a variety of colors

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Eurotech Trademark Table

The Trademark Stationary is an affordable table for both the doctor and patient alike. With its impressive list of standard features, this table is an excellent choice for a starter table. The Trademark table is a lower priced table but offers the same high quality construction as other Eurotech tables.

Made in America

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Ergostyle ES 2000 / Variable Height Elevation Adjusting Table

The ES2000 changes how all adjusting table are viewed. Its modular design allows for quick modifications and upgrades in the field. Upgrades can be added later as your techniques and practice grow.

Made in America

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ErgoStyle FX Counterbalanced Flexion

Standard Features


Electric Elevation from 19" to 32" (48 cm - 81 cm) with single foot control and expanding covers over lifting mechanism


Speed: 19" to 32" (48 cm - 81 cm) in 13 seconds


Manual flexion distraction with variable electric spring tension allows smooth, counterbalanced flexion, extension or circumduction with the touch of a finger (flexion 17?, extension 14?, side bending 40? total)


Made in America

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Eurotech Flexion Table

Eurotech tables are specifically designed for the doctor who wants the ease and convenience of an electric flexion table that does more than simply flex up and down or laterally side to side, limiting treatment parameters at best. Our tables offer superior quality, excellent features, and the most affordable price tag on the market today. You may look harder, but you will not find any better.


29-E9100 Eurotech Electric Flexion Table
29-E9110 Eurotech Manual Flexion Table


Made in America

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