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TX  ADP 400 Traction Package

An economical traction system that offers both Lumbar and Cervical Decompression. All accessories are included. Made in America

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Cervical Restoration System

The cervical traction system is effective, affordable and convenient. Components are an adjustable head harness, Cervical roll, and an adjustable weight bag that can be filled with water
Made in America


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Provides gentle, adjustable traction to stretch and relax muscles May provide relief for certain types of acute or chronic neck pain Portable for use in home, office or travel Ideal for pinched nerves, neck pain, tension headaches and straightening of the neck Augments professional treatment

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Over the Door Cervical Traction
<p>This over door cervical traction unit has a water bag that may be filled to adjust to amount of traction needed.</p>
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Posture Pump 1100SX Cervical Traction

Posture Pump® Model 1100-SX
(Single neck air cell - extra strength) Fitted and sold by healthcare professionals.

Please call for Professional Pricing

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NeckPro Overdoor Traction Device

Easy to set up portable, over-the-door traction device Provides relief without using cumbersome weights, water bags or pulleys Head and neck are not locked in one position, allowing rotation and extension concurrent with traction for maximum mobility and relaxation Promotes relaxation, and reduces stress and tension

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