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Analog TENS with Hard Case

Dual Channel, 3 Modes, Timer, Safety Amplitude Cap. The TENS 3000 is a high quality TENS unit that uses the newest technology of a microprocessor, which gives exact dial performance. The TENS 3000 has the ease of operation of an analog unit with the accuracy of a digital unit! The TENS 3000 comes standard with a Safety Amplitude Cap, which is a transparent pivoting cap that closes over the amplitude knobs to help protect the user from power jolts from accidental knob movements.

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Digital TENS

Digital TENS with Nylon Case

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EMS 7500

Our Nicest and most Powerful (100mA) EMS unit. The EMS 7500 2nd edition is the unit to win your customer's business. EMS 7500 2nd edition's features include, Dual Channel, 3 modes, Timer, Patient Compliance Meter, New Stronger 100mA output, safety amplitude cover, sturdy metal belt clip, rubber side railings for maximum handling and a premium silver finish.

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TENS Leadwire, Pair

TENS Lead Wire, Pair

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<p>You have never seen a TENS device like this one! Is it digital? Is it analog? It is both! This device combines the ease of traditional knobs with the beauty of LED technology to give the user the feedback they need to get the right therapy at the right time. The InTENSity&trade 5000 Hybrid has 5 modes and a timer, comes in a hard case with electrodes, user manual, lead wires and 9-volt battery.</p>
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InTENSity 10 Digital TENS

Introducing the easiest and most effective TENS unit on the market today!

This latest addition to the InTENSity™ premium digital device family contains 10 pre-set selections by body part to remove all the guesswork to achieve the proper settings. With the press of 2 buttons, the device is ready to operate effectively based on the area of the body being treated.

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