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VM 10 Magnesium Calcium Muscle Relaxant

Product description:
Supplies special dietary need for magnesium, calcium, and vitamin D, in increasing levels in times of muscular cramping and spasm.

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VM 119 Neurotex-Maximum Neural Support
<p><strong>Product description:</strong> <br />Provides maximum potency of B-Complex, precursors and co factors to insure proper nerve function and integrity during periods of trauma and exhaustion. <br />Vegetarian, hypoallergenic. <br /> <br />Made in America</p>
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VM 18 Ligatex
<p><strong>Product description:</strong> <br />Ligament and Tendon Formula supplying the special requirements of ligament and collage nous tissue formation and repair. <br />Natural sources, vegetarian. <br /> <br />Made in America</p>
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VM 12+ Deceliron, Decelerated Release Hematinic
<p><strong>Product description:</strong> <br />Supplies a special dietary need for iron and associated nutrients in increasing levels in times of nutritional stress and iron deficiency anemia. <br /> <br />Made in America </p>
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VM 129 Trivira-Andrographis, Echinacea, Godenseal, Lysine
<p><strong>Product description:</strong> <br />TRIVIRA&trade provides Andrographis Paniculata extract, Echinacea Complex (aerial parts and roots of purpurea and angustofolia, respectively), Goldenseal root extract and pure crystalline Lysine. <br /> <br />Made in America</p>
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VM 114 Ziratex
<p><strong>Product description:</strong> <br />The zinc and vitamin C in Ziratex are derived from pure zinc ascorbate, a mineral ascorbate combining freely soluble, readily absorbable zinc with a buffered form of vitamin C for palatability <br /> Vegetarian, hypoallergenic. <br /> <br />Made in America</p>
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