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Hot/Cold Therapy


Micro Beads Microwavable Moist Heat Pack. Helps relieve pain Provides soothing moist heat therapy.Soft plush fabric provides a soothing touch. Effective Relief

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ReliefPak Cold Pack

 Reduce hemorrhaging, muscle spasms and pain. Promote fast healing.


      • For cold or warm compresses


      • Use as hot or cold pack - heat in warm water or microwave on low setting


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Thermal Core Heat Pack

Thermal Core Pack Standard Thermal Core Packs deliver moist heat to relax sore muscles prior to professional treatment.
Made in America



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TheraPearl Polar Packs offer an economical aproach to providing hot or cold therapy to your patients.

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Thermal Core Heat Pack Cover

Thermal Core Pack Cover Standard Thermal Core Pack Covers ensure patient safety and maximum effectiveness when using Thermal Core Packs.
Made in America



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Terry Cover Rack

Wall Mounted Towel Rack
Holds six covers



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