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Rich-Mar Therapy Hammers 2cm/5cm

Universal 2cm & 5cm Hammers (2 in 1)

Rich-Mar has achieved another exclusive by combining both common applicator sizes in one single rugged design able to utilize 1 or 3 MHz ultrasound technology.

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Rich-Mar EVO StoreMore Cart

The best way to keep your clinic organized is to keep everything in its place. With the Rich-Mar StoreMore Cart you have a place for everything.

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Rich-Mar Laser Emitter (200mW/785nm)

This laser provides a total of 200mW of power with three GaAIAs laser diode and a visible guide light. All of the operational controls are on the emitter.

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AMREX Low Volt Unit
<p>The Low Volt AC 1 Ch. and 2 Ch. Muscle Stimulator combines proven reliability and ac power in a compact, low volt ac muscle stimulator. The double, and single channel, two pad, low voltage electrical muscle stimulator that produces pulsation, tetanize, and surge output. <br /> <br />Made in America <br /><strong>21-3220</strong> AMREX 1 Ch. Low Volt Unit <br /><strong>21-3222</strong> AMREX 2 Ch. Low Volt Unit</p>
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EMS 5.0

Dual Channel, Muscle Stimulator with Safety Amplitude Cap. The EMS 5.0 is a high quality EMS unit and comes standard with a Safety Amplitude Cap, which is a transparent pivoting cap that closes over the amplitude knobs to help protect the user from power jolts from accidental knob movements.

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Rich-Mar 10cm Applicator

For those times when you need to treat larger areas, you can use the 10cm applicator which has 4 times the surface area of a 5cm head. Able to utilize 1 or 3 MHz technology.

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