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Alligator Clips

Alligator 2mm Pin

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Stick-E-Pads II™ Reuseable Electrodes
<p>Self adhesive electrodes are designed for all electrotherapy applications. They feature a highly conductive Carbon film layer as well as a Dual Layer gel for multiple applications. Made in America</p>
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ZimmerTrode Large

For the ultimate in patient comfort. Great as a dispersion pad for Ultra-Sound Combination treatments.

Size: 5" x 2.25”
Item# 203

100 each per box

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ZimmerTrode Medium

Our most popular electrode with the effectiveness of much larger competing electrodes. Size: 2 1/4&rdquo Diameter Item# 207 Four per package 200 each per box

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ZimmerTrode Small

Our most economical electrode is great for extremities such as hand-wrist, ankle-foot applications (i.e. RSI, CTS, Tennis Elbow). Size: 1.25" x 1.5

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PALS Blue Gel Hypoallergenic 2x2 Electrode

PALS Blue Electrodes are Hypoallergenic TENS pads for sensitive skin This is one of the best TENS electrodes available for pain relief

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Uni-Tab Single use electrodes

Uni-Tab™ Electrodes Self-adhering and conformable Thin and flexible low-profile design Designed specifically for clinical applications to promote hygienic treatment.

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Ultra Polys Electrode 2 x 2

Our New Ultra Polys Controlled Comfort Electrodes Offer The Best Features In An Electrode.

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Bifurcated Lead Set

Bifurcated Lead Set 2 Cables, one red, one black

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