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Sitback Rest

Specifically designed to match the viscoelastic property of soft tissues, maximizes patient comfort and effectiveness of traction treatments.

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Mesh Sitback Rest
<p>This lightweight version of the popular Sitback Rest promotes proper posture in any chair while providing support and comfort for your lower back.</p>
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An economical, high-resiliency back cushion. Provides comfort and support to any body size.

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This version of our popular Sitback Rest is shaped to fit snugly against bucketseats to maximize comfort and support while driving. Covered with a durable Blue, Black, Gray

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Foam Roll

5" Foam Roll Made in America



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An ideal small support cushion for your lower lumbar spine. Compact and convenient goes anywhere. Great for auto, home or office. Precision cut foam with standard fabric cover in Blue, Black and Gray. Includes positioning belt. (28cm x 19cm x 7cm)

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