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The original reasearch-supported high-speed low force instrument for all areas of the spine, including the extremities. Backed by over 30 years of Activator Methods research.

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C.A.T.® LT- Low Thrust Adjustment Tool

Designed with a tip that tapers gently down to .5cm2 and 15 referenced force settings. This device can be adjusted from 10-23 AFR* and is a great tool for delicate adjustments. To add additional comfort and a firm grip, try the Pal and Finger Pads accessories (not included).

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C.A.T. Chiropractic Adjusting Tool, Black


The C.A.T. Chiropractic Adjusting Tool has been specially designed for optimum durability and reliability. The impact to your arm and hand are reduced when you are doing adjustments due to the palm and finger pads. You can keep the device like new by regularly replacing the soft tip. Extremities and the spine can be easily adjusted using existing established protocols. This comes is a one-year warranty and the adjustable thrush range ranges from zero to 32 pounds. This can help to make things go faster and easier in your chiropractic practice so that you can help more patients and ensure adequate adjustments.





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Activator V

A revolutionary product- the Activator V is the first FDA approved cordless adjusting instrument. This product has been designed to provide a better and more consistent adjustment to your patients. Instead of a "spring loaded" mechanism, the new V uses and electronic mechanism to provide the thrust. Includes a complete range of force settings (1-4) all of which are accessible at the push of a button. The unique force wave allows deeper penetration of the force with no discomfort to the patient and the new light pre-load is perfect for use on the more tender ares of the body. Ergonomically designed to fit any hand, it is light weight, efficient and fully portable.

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