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Eurotech Stationary Base Table

Eurotech Stationary Base Table
Price: Please call for pricing.

Eurotech's stationary tables represent a new generation of affordable tables that can handle every chore in your office from adjusting to therapy to exams. The base table includes nearly every feature as standard equipment. Eurotech's tables are built to last and will give you many years of superior and affordable services.

Base Table Standard Features
&bull Adjustable Face Cushions
&bull Extension / Flexion Headpiece
&bull Paper Roller, Cutter and Guide Bar
&bull Ankle Extension w/ Elevation
&bull Black Base
&bull Comfort Cushions

Customize Your Table With These Additional Options
&bull Elevation
&bull Drops: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, pelvic
&bull Snap Covers
&bull Extended length for 4 drop option
&bull Special width cushions (2&rdquo or 4&rdquo wider)
&bull Extended heights beyond 26&rdquo

Standard Table Dimensions
Any table may be ordered from 21&rdquo to 26&rdquo as measured from the floor to top of cushions.
&bull Length 65&rdquo
&bull Extended 75&rdquo
&bull Ankle Extension width 23&rdquo
&bull Pelvic cushion width 22&rdquo
&bull Thoracic/Lumbar cushion width 20&rdquo
&bull Cervical cushion width 16&rdquo

Due to shipping weight, naugahyde options, and various customization choices.
Please call for pricing information and/or to order.

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