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Eurotech Flexion Table

Eurotech Flexion Table
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Eurotech tables are specifically designed for the doctor who wants the ease and convenience of an electric flexion table that does more than simply flex up and down or laterally side to side, limiting treatment parameters at best. Our tables offer superior quality, excellent features, and the most affordable price tag on the market today. You may look harder, but you will not find any better.

Base Table Standard Features
&bull Adjustable Face Cushions
&bull Extension / Flexion Headpiece
&bull Paper Roller, Cutter and Guide Bar
&bull Ankle Extension w/ Elevation
&bull Handle Bars
&bull Break-Away Abdominal
&bull P-A Flexion (Electric)
&bull Variable Speed Control
&bull Flexion Timer
&bull Black Base
&bull Flexion Handle (Rear Flexion Only)
&bull Comfort Cushions
&bull ST Straps

Customize Your Table With These Additional Options
&bull Rear Lateral Flexion
&bull Front Lateral Flexion
&bull Axial Rotation (Rear Flexion Only)
&bull Long Axis Distraction &ndash administered via remote digital module this feature allows the doctor to administer long axis traction or spinal decompression by distracting the pelvic section away from the center line as little as one eighth inch to as much as six inches.
&bull Cervical Distraction Headpiece &ndash this feature allows the doctor to apply manual distraction, decompression and/or flexion to the
cervical vertebrae.
&bull Electrically Assisted Manual Flexion - this feature allows the doctor to use the electric flexion table as an electrically assisted manual flexion table giving the doctor complete control over the flexion.
&bull Elevation
&bull Toggle headpiece
&bull Drops: cervical, thoracic, lumbar, pelvic
&bull Air Drops
&bull Snap Covers
&bull Extended length for 4 drop option
&bull Special width cushions (2&rdquo or 4&rdquo wider)
&bull Extended heights beyond 26&rdquo

Due to shipping weight, naugahyde options, and various customization choices.
Please call for pricing information and/or to order.

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