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Econo Wave Pillow

Econo Wave Pillow
Price: $29.34

Lay your head on a comfortable pillow. Give proper support to your neck in its most natural position. Improve air circulation around your head and neck. And do it all at an economical cost. The Econo-Wave Pillow does all that. The popular foam support pillow features a waved surface to provide even support and ridges to allow air to circulate while soothing your neck. By giving proper support to the neck, the Econo-Wave Pillow helps alleviate tension headaches, neck pain and other ailments. Improving air circulation around your head and neck increases comfort. Two lobe sizes are available for the foam support pillow, offering different support levels. Measures 22"x15" (56cm x 38cm). Care instructions Pillowcase: 1. Wash in cool, soapy water. 2. Tumble or line dry. Pillow: 1. Wipe foam with a damp cloth 2. air dry





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