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Rich-Mar Therasound EVO - Base Unit

Rich-Mar Therasound EVO - Base Unit
Price: $1,495.00

<p>The Therasound EVO Series has evolved into this revolutionary Therapy system. With the Applicator Plug and Play Concept, you have the flexibility to create a custom Ultrasound or Ultrasound/Laser Hybrid.<br />We have combined a modern compact design with the Rugged, Reliable, Rich-Mar Electronics, which have have been used by clinicians all over the world for 40 years.<br />The base unit comes with the programming to caccomodate all of Rich-Mar's ultrasound applicators, including the patened Hands-Free Autosound Applicator<br />With this base unit, you can also utilize the Ultrasound/Laser Hybrid by adding the Laser module and emitter and/or Hands-Free autoPrism now or when you budget permits.<br />Made in America<br />410-020 Therasound EVO (Base Unit) 410-020H Therasound EVO Hybrid (Includes: Unit, Cart, Therapy Hammer, Laser Prism) 410-020PH Therasound EVO Pro-Hybrid (Includes: Unit, Cart, Therapy Hammer, Laser Prism, Autoprism, Autosound)</p>
<p>Caution: This is a Class II Medical device and Federal law Restricts this device to sale by or on the order a Physician.</p>
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