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VM 171 Glenalgesic

VM 171 Glenalgesic
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Ingredients: Methyl Salicylate: 11.0% Menthol: 2.9% Camphor: 0.4%
Product description: A natural, botanically based, professional strength cream for relief of muscular aches and pain due to overexertion, fatigue and pain. Produces an analgesic effect from the natural salicylate content of Oil of Wintergreen combined with the warm, soothing benefits of menthol and camphor. Formulated as multiphase, non-sensitizing, moisturizing base of plant sterols and penetrants. Natural sources.
Suggested Use: Apply as directed by your licensed professional medical practitioner. Apply liberally to affected area and massage thoroughly. No protective covering is needed following use. Do not use on children or infants except as advised by your licensed professional health care practitioner.

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