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VM 9 Calcium Multivitamin

VM 9 Calcium Multivitamin
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<p><strong>Ingredients:</strong> <br />Vitamin A: carotene and fish liver oils, 4000 IU <br />Vitamin C: ascorbic acid, ascorbates, 30 mg <br />Vitamin D: cholecaliferol, 400 IU <br />Vitamin E: natural mixed tocopherols 2.4 IU <br />Vitamin B1: thiamine, mononitrate, grain, 10 mg <br />Vitamin B2: riboflavin, grain, 2.0 mg <br />Niacinamide: niacinamide, grain. 10.0 mg <br />Calcium: citrate and associate, 750 mg <br />Phophorus, phosphate, 480.0 mg <br />Manganese, ascorbate, 10 mg <br /> <br /><strong>Product description:</strong> <br />Provides a superior formula for maintenance levels of calcium plus multi-vitamins. <br /> <br /><strong>Suggested Use:</strong> <br />Four tablets daily, two before morning and evening meals as directed by your licensed professional health care practitioner. <br /> <br /><strong>Other ingredients:</strong> <br />Calcium phosphate, calcium carbonate, cellulose, vegetable stearin VITAMINERALS' exclusive, patented VM 2 Food Concentrate made from alfalfa, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, apple, dulse, tomato, orange, watercress, spinach, soy, papaya, Irish moss, lemon, wheat germ and lecithin. <br /> <br />Magnesium stearate, silica, calcium citrate, calcium ascorbate. <br /> <br />400 count bottle</p>

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