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Double Core Select

Double Core Select
Price: $35.99

<p>How do you improve the Double Core Cervical Pillow, a product that has been the industry standard for years? One whose versatility offers remarkable neck support? Make it even more versatile!<br />The original Double Core Cervical Pillow has two fixed lobes of different firmness for comfort and support. The NEW Double Core Select has two different sized lobes and four interchangeable, precision-cut foam cores. Each core is color-coded to differentiate the support level, which ranges from mild to extra-firm. Select the level of support that's right for you.<br />Both Double Core products help you properly support your neck in its natural position as you sleep. With your neck in its proper curvature, such ailments as tension headaches and neck strains can be alleviated.<br />The cervical pillow measures 22" x 16".</p>
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