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Do you ever wish you had a pillow that supports your neck when you sleep on your back? Or that feels comfortable when you sleep on your side?
Ordinary pillows can&rsquot provide you that kind of rest. But the CervAlign Pillow, with a new indented center and a unique curved design, is anything but ordinary. The pillow is designed to match the curve in your neck, thus giving your head proper support. Your head will rest naturally in the pillow&rsquos indented center.
To make sure of a proper fit, the CervAlign Pillow is available in three sizes. The proper size is determined by a sizing guide or by measuring the distance between your ear lobe and shoulder. A proper fit is critical to gain full benefits of the pillow and to help keep your body in alignment.
Fitting Guide Instructions: 1. The person who will be using the pillow should stand up straight. 2. Place the rounded edge of the sizing guide on the nape of the person&rsquos neck. 3. Imagine a vertical line extending upward from the edge of the person&rsquos shoulder blades. The flat edge of the sizing guide should be along this line. 4. To help visualize the vertical line, let the remaining guides hang down. 5. If the guides rest gently against hangs away from the back, try the next size smaller.
You can also use a ruler to measure from the bottom of your ear to your shoulder to determine the right size for you. A measurement of 4&rdquo or less means you need size 5. with a 4" to 5" measurement indicating you need a size 6.


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5" (50-265) $30.99 $28.82 $27.84
6" (50-266) $30.99 $28.82 $27.84
7" (50-267) $30.37 $28.82 $27.84

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