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SpiderTech Training Kit

SpiderTech Training Kit
Price: $169.99

SpiderTech Applications Included in the Kit:
Sample each of the 17 SpiderTech Solutions in-clinic, with the SpiderTech Trial and Training Kit. The kit includes one roll of tape for use in training, allowing you to learn how to apply the tape applications correctly before testing the actual product.
Upper Knee Spider (2) &ndash Neck Spider (2) &ndash Postural Spider (2) &ndash Ankle Spider (2) &ndash Left Shoulder Spider (1) &ndash Small Lymphatic Spider (2) &ndash Elbow Spider (2) &ndash Medium Lymphatic Spider (2) &ndash Groin Spider (2) &ndash Large Lymphatic Spider (2) &ndash Hamstring Spider (2) &ndash Full Knee Spider (2) &ndash Hip Spider (2) &ndash Lower Back Spider (2) &ndash Wrist Spider (2) &ndash Right Shoulder Spider (1) &ndash Calf & Arch Spider (2)


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